Community Supported Agriculture

(Fresh Produce Subscription)


The Viking Farmer provides CSA shares available for purchase between January and June. This can be thought of as a subscription for the produce that is grown and harvested throughout a growing season.

How does it work?

Each week, fresh produce is harvested, packaged into your subscription box, and delivered either to your home or to a central drop-off location, which will be determined based on subscriber areas. The growing season lasts for 18 weeks, mid-May to mid-September. During different times of the season, different foods are available. For example, more greens will be available during the beginning and end of the season. The contents of your box will vary from week to week, but will include a mix of salad greens, herbs, vegetables, vine/bush fruits, mushrooms, and flowers. Also, a description of the contents each week will be available via the website.

There are three different subscription sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

  • A small subscription should be enough produce to support a single person for a week. $200/season ($11/week)
  • A medium subscription is a half bushel and should be enough to support a couple or small family for a week. $350/season ($19/week)
  • A large subscription is a full bushel and should be enough to support a large family for a week. $650/season. ($36/week)

To register for your subscription, simply use our Contact Form. I will respond to you and transactions will be conducted via cash, check, PayPal, or proposed trade.

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